Close Cursor In PLSQL

A Cursor in Oracle PLSQL is basically a memory area, in which the records or results fetched by an SQL SELECT Statement can be stored. The last step in working with CURSOR in Oracle PLSQL is to CLOSE the CURSOR once we have finished processing the records of the CURSOR. CLOSE CURSOR Syntax CLOSE cursor_name; … Continue Reading

SQL CAST Function

SQL CAST Function is used for explicitly converting the information from one data-type to another data-type. The SQL CAST does not allow us to specify the format of the result whereas the SQL Convert function allows us to do the same. SQL CAST is part of the SQL – 92 specifications; the CAST function in … Continue Reading

SQL Subquery

SQL Subquery or SQL Inner Query or SQL Nested Query all mean the same thing and what it means is that there is a query with in a query. SQL Subquery can be used with the following SQL statements: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. Also, SQL Subqueries can be executed: As a column in the … Continue Reading