DROP TABLE Statement in Oracle SQL – PLSQL

The DROP TABLE statement in PLSQL allows us to delete or drop a table from the database.

It is a Data Definition Language (DDL) statement.

Syntax for the DROP TABLE statement in PLSQL is:

DROP TABLE table_name;

Let’s take an example for understanding:

Suppose have a table named “Employee” as shown below in database.

Employee_ID Employee_Name Salary Department Commission
101 Emp A 10000 Sales 10
102 Emp B 20000 IT 20
103 Emp C 28000 IT 20
104 Emp D 30000 Support
105 Emp E 32000 Sales 10

If we want to delete the ’employee’ table from the database we use the DROP TABLE statement as follows:

[sourcecode language=”sql”]
DROP TABLE employee;

The above statement will delete the table ’employee’ from the database.

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