Export Button Item in OA Framework

In Oracle Application Framework the ExportButton is used to:

Export the displayed data of a particular region or for all regions on an OAF page to a comma separated value (csv) file.
o Only the regions that are displayed on the OA Framework will be exported.
o Each region on the exported file will have a row of column names followed by the results.

In Windows:

Clicking on the ExportButton will open a dialog according to which
o You can open the exported file and then save the same, or,
o You could save the file and then open it.

exportButton can be used as follows:

1. Exporting the data of all regions on a page.
2. Exporting data of a specific region on a page.

1. Exporting the data of all regions on a page:
A. Create a contentFooter region under the pageLayout region of that OAF Page.
B. Add an “ExportButton” to the contentFooter region.
C. If there is more than one button which needs to be added to the contentFooter, then all the buttons should be put under a flowLayout region, and this flow layout should then be added to the contentFooter.

2. Exporting data of a specific region on a page:
A. Create an “ExportButton” under the region whose data needs to be exported.
B. Now, in the container object, position this ExportButton and set a view usage name for this ExportButton. The data of the attached VO will be exported to a CSV file.

It extends the OA Framework’s submitButton and inherits all the properties from it.

Corresponding web bean: OAExportBean

Import Path: import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.form.OAExportBean;

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