How to Disable Submit Button in OA Framework?

Submit button is a very important component of every OAF page and there often arises a situation where an OA Framework technical personnel need to disable (not hide) OA Framework Submit Button dynamically.

We will learn today how to disable OA Framework Submit Button at runtime

Before we begin I assume that you have an OAF page (xxTrialPG) and a controller (xxTrialCO). Also I assume that you have created a submit button bean OASubmitButtonBean(xxTrialSubmitButton)


Let’s take this in steps for easy understanding.

Step 1: Import the OASubmitButtonBean bean in your controller xxTrialCO

import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.form.OASubmitButtonBean


Step 2: Create a handle or reference of the OASubmitButtonBean bean in controller

OASubmitButtonBean xxTrialSubmitButtonHandle = (OASubmitButtonBean) webBean.findChildRecursive(“xxTrialSubmitButton”);


Step 3: Now using the xxTrialSubmitButtonHandle handle created in step 2 we can disable the xxTrialSubmitButton



And it’s done.
Thanks for Reading.

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