Types of Pages in OA Framework

Well this is a question that can be asked in any of the interviews and the answer that you can give for this question will be that there are two types of pages in OAF.

1. Seeded Pages
2. Custom Pages

Seeded Pages: All the OAF pages that come with the Oracle Application e-business suite are called seeded pages, these pages perform a particular business operation and hence come with the required business logic implemented in them.

Also seeded pages can be modified and the process of modification can be called as
a. Personalization
b. Customization

The process of changing a seeded page is called personalization when we are personalizing the page e.g. we are changing the label of a text box from “Employee Name” to “Name of Employee” or when we add a new item to the seeded page e.g. we are adding a new OAMessageTextInputBean to the seeded page. Personalization has got its own limitations e.g. we can add an item to the seeded page but we cannot and any business logic to the newly added item.

The process of changing a seeded page is called customization when we are changing the underlying business logic of the OA Framework page. For doing customization on a seeded page one has to be very careful. By doing customization we can add any of the required business logic to a seeded OA Framework page. To do customization we need to take the controller file attached with the OAF page (this file will be present in .class format in server) then we need to decompile the file and make necessary changes. Also remember that all the customizations done of a seeded OAF page will vanish once a patch or upgrade has been applied to the oracle apps instance. In order to save the customization work I suggest that you should create a copy of the original controller file with some name (say xxTrialPGCO) and then place the new file in the server. Once you put the new controller compiled file in the server, using personalization change the controller of the page from original controller file to xxTrialPGCO and save the personalization to a flat file.

Custom Pages: All the pages that are developed from scratch are called custom pages or bolt on pages. A page or a group of pages that perform a complete business operation is commonly called a Bolt-On Component or Custom Component. In order to create a custom page the developer should have clearly understood the MD50 and even the MD70 documents.

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