HGrid Region In OA Framework

As from the name hgrid itself, it suggests hirarchy grid.

In an oracle application page OAF Hgrid region is used when the data needs to be represented in a hirarchical/tree struture.

You can use the Tree region to represent the tree structure but tree region in OAF emphasis on the relationship of the objects of the hierarchy.

You can use Hgrid to display the hirarchical structure along with the detail information of each row/node. It gives the priveledge of modifing the hierarchy by performing the action as add, delete, update, etc.

Hgrid has 2 special columns:

1. Focus Column.
2. Object Hierarchy Column.

1. Focus Column: In the Focus column we have focus icon, by using focus icon we can set the particular node as the new root of the tree.
2. Object Hierarchy Column: In object hierarchy column, it specifies the current tree node of the tree and gives the priveledge to expand/collapse the node.
When we expand the node, then we will be able to see the children of that respective node also known as zoom in and when we collapse the node, then we hide the children of that respective node also known as zoom out.

At the top of the Hgrid we also have the links to expand/collapse the complete structure of the current focus root node.

Whenever we choose expand functionality, if the number of children exceeds the record limit Navigation link appears and then the excess records are handled by using the navigation buttons i.e. Next or Previous.

Corresponding web bean: OAHGridBean

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