Labeled Field Layout In OAF

The labeledFieldLayout region lays out its children in columns; one column is for the “labels” and the other for the “fields“, with a gap in between.

The children are laid out across and down, the first child in each row takes the “label” position and the second child takes the “field” position. The contents of each row are centered in the available space.
The “labels” are always right aligned, and the “fields” left aligned.
With multiple columns, the children continue to be layed out across and down. For example, with two columns, the third child will be used as the label for the first row and second column.

It also has support for the inline messaging beans where each inline messaging bean will automatically occupy both a “label” and “field” position.

Corresponding web bean: OALabeledFieldLayoutBean

Note: The labeledFieldLayout component has been deprecated; use the messageComponentLayout component instead. Please refer to the messageComponentLayout section for information about messageComponentLayout.

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