Query Region In OA Framework

A query region is basically an extension of the stackLayout region.
A query region can contain the following:
1. Simple search panel
2. advanced search panel
3. a results table
4. Other elements as indexed children

Simple search panel can contain any of the following regions
a) defaultSingleColumn
b) defaultDoubleColumn
c) defaultStack
d) defaultFormStack elements.

The advanced search panel can contain
a) advancedSearch element.

The results of a query are rendered using either a HGrid or a table. The table or HGrid elements are added as indexed children of the query region.

A query region can have three types of search panels as listed below.

Also the query region runs in three modes:
1. Default mode
2. Results Based Search (RBS) mode
3. Auto Customization Criteria (ACC) mode.

Default mode: Developer is responsible for defining the search panels and binding the results of the search to the results table/HGrid.

Results Based Search (RBS) mode: Search panel is created dynamically using the queryable property of the region items inside the nested table or HGrid indexed children

Auto Customization Criteria (ACC) mode: You have the flexibility of defining your own UI for the search panels, but the binding is powered by the framework as long as items on the panels are mapped to items in the results table/HGrid.

Set the User Personalization property of the table/hgrid region (under the query region) to True if you want to support user-personalizable searches which are surfaced in a Views panel.
Corresponding web bean: OAQueryBean

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