NoScript Tag HTML

HTML NoScript TagThe HTML NoScript Tag is used to show or display alternative text if the browser of a user doesn’t support scripts or even if the user has disabled scripts in the browser.

This means that the content within the NoScript Tag will be visible only if scripts are not supported or disabled in the browser.

The NoScript HTML Tag can contain all the HTML elements that the HTML Body Tag can have.

HTML NoScript Tag Syntax

Some Text Here..

HTML NoScript Tag Example

HTML NoScript Tag Code Output
[sourcecode language="html"]<br />&lt;script&gt;document.write("Hello From Tech Honey!")<br />&lt;/script&gt;<br />&lt;noscript&gt;Sorry, your browser<br />does not support JavaScript!&lt;/noscript&gt;<br />&lt;p&gt;A browser which does not supports JavaScript<br />will show the text inside<br />the &lt;noscript&gt; tag.&lt;/p&gt;[/sourcecode]

A browser which does not supports JavaScript will show the text inside the <noscript> tag.

In the HTML NoScript Tag example above, if the browser does not supports JavaScript or if JavaScript is disabled then the text in the HTML NoScript Tag will be displayed.

HTML NoScript Tag support all HTML Global Attributes

HTML NoScript Tag Supporting Browsers

S. No. Browser Supported(Yes/No)
1 Internet Explorer Yes
2 Firefox Yes
3 Google Chrome Yes
4 Opera Yes
5 Safari Yes

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