HTML HGroup Tag

HTML HGroup TagHTML Hgroup tag <hgroup> is used to group headings in a webpage.

In other words we can say that whenever a webpage has multiple levels of headings then we can use the HGroup tag <hgroup> to group all the headings together.

HGroup tag can group <h1> to <h6> headings on a webpage having multiple levels of headings in it.

Note: Hgroup tag is new in HTML 5.

HTML HGroup Tag Syntax

Some heading here

HTML HGroup Tag Example

HTML Hgroup Tag Code Output
[sourcecode language=”html”]</pre>
<h1>Welcome to the HTML HGroup Page</h1>
<h2>This page details the HTML HGroup Tag</h2>
Welcome to the HTML HGroup Page

This page details the HTML HGroup Tag

In the above HGroup Tag example, we have grouped the <h1> and <h2> heading in HTML HGroup.

HGroup Tag supports all HTML Global Attributes and HTML Event Attributes.

HTML HGroup Tag Supporting Browsers

S. No. Browser Supported(Yes/No)
1 Internet Explorer Yes (From IE 9 Onwards)
2 Firefox Yes
3 Google Chrome Yes
4 Opera Yes
5 Safari Yes

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