HTML Strong Tag

HTML Strong TagStrong Tag in HTML is used to define important text with an HTML resource or webpage.

In other words we can say that whenever we want to emphasize on a text then we use Strong Tag in HTML.

Strong Tag needs to be closed by using the closing Strong Tag </strong>

The text wrapped within the Strong Tag will be emphasized when rendered on a web browser.

HTML Strong Tag Syntax

Some text here…

HTML Strong Tag Example

HTML Strong Tag Code Output
[sourcecode language=”html”]&lt;br /&gt;<br />
Tech Honey is a&lt;br /&gt;<br />
&amp;lt;strong&amp;gt; good&amp;lt;/strong&amp;gt; website.[/sourcecode]
Tech Honey is a
good website.

Here in the HTML Strong Tag example above we can see that the text “good” which is within the Strong Tag is being emphasized while getting displayed on the browser.

HTML Strong Tag Supports HTML Global Attributes and HTML Event Attributes.

HTML Strong Tag Supporting Browsers

S. No. Browser Supported(Yes/No)
1 Internet Explorer Yes
2 Firefox Yes
3 Google Chrome Yes
4 Opera Yes
5 Safari Yes

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