HTML Area Tag NoHref Attribute

HTML Area Tag NoHref AttributeHTML Area Nohref attribute defines that the area is not linked to any resource or webpage and hence cannot be clicked.

In other words we can say, that once we mention the area as nohref then the area becomes unclick-able and hence cannot be linked to any resource or webpage.

HTML area nohref attribute’s functionality to make an area non clickable can be very simply achieved by not including any href attribute in the HTML area tag.

Note: HTML Area Nohref attribute is not supported in HTML 5.

Syntax of HTML Area Nohref Attibute

<area nohref>

Example of HTML Area Tag Nohref Attribute

HTML Area Tag Nohref Code Output
[sourcecode language=”html”]
<p>Click on the shapes to watch them:</p>
<img src=" HTMLAreaTagEx.gif" alt="Shapes"
usemap="#shapemap" width="145" height="126">
<map name="shapemap">
<area shape="circle" coords="25,30,12"  nohref
<area shape="circle" coords="72,35,10"  nohref
target=_blank >
<area shape="circle" coords="115,35,10"  href="star.jpg"
target=_blank >

Click on the shapes to watch them:


Here in the above HTML Area Nohref Attribute example we can see that we have made the circle and triangle area as nohref and hence in the output the areas cannot be clicked as opposed to the Star shape area which can still be clicked as we have not made it nohref.

HTML Area Tag NoHref Attribute Supporting Browsers

S. No. Browser Supported(Yes/No)
1 Internet Explorer No
2 Firefox No
3 Google Chrome No
4 Opera No
5 Safari No

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