How to embed custom HTML code in OAF Page

It’s always that all the text on an OA Framework page is in black color. Ever thought of having a text in other color e.g. a note just after a table in a smaller font and in red color? Here we will have a look at how to embed a custom HTML code in OA … Continue Reading

Creating XML Publisher Report in OAF

I know that this post is out of the niche of the blog but then the requirements of most of the implementations require new reports to be generated using XML Publisher and that’s the only reason why I have written this post. Also, using the hyperlink at the end of the post you can download … Continue Reading

How to Install JDeveloper and Test it?

Here we will take a quick look on how to install JDeveloper and also how to test the installation. First of all just download the correct version or patch of jdeveloper from metalink. I assume that you have saved and extracted the jdeveloper in D:meta-patch folder. 1. Go to desktop 2. Right click on my … Continue Reading