SQL CAST Function

SQL CAST Function is used for explicitly converting the information from one data-type to another data-type. The SQL CAST does not allow us to specify the format of the result whereas the SQL Convert function allows us to do the same. SQL CAST is part of the SQL – 92 specifications; the CAST function in … Continue Reading

Oracle TO_DATE Function

Oracle TO_DATE Function

Oracle TO_DATE function is used to convert string type into date type. Oracle SQL TO_DATE examples and syntax can be found below. Oracle TO_DATE Function Syntax SELECT TO_DATE (STRING_VALUE, [FORMAT_MASK],[NLS_LANGUAGE]) FROM table_name; In the above Oracle TO_DATE Function Syntax: STRING_VALUE is the value that will be converted into date format. FORMAT_MASK is an optional field, if … Continue Reading

USERENV Function in Oracle SQL – PLSQL

Oracle SQL / PLSQL USERENV function is used to get the information about the current Oracle Session. Oracle SQL / PLSQL syntax for the USERENV function is: SELECT USERENV (parameter) FROM table_name; The parameter is the value that is passed to the USERENV function. The possible values of parameter are shown below: Parameter Explanation CLIENT_INFO … Continue Reading