Close Cursor In PLSQL

A Cursor in Oracle PLSQL is basically a memory area, in which the records or results fetched by an SQL SELECT Statement can be stored. The last step in working with CURSOR in Oracle PLSQL is to CLOSE the CURSOR once we have finished processing the records of the CURSOR. CLOSE CURSOR Syntax CLOSE cursor_name; … Continue Reading

Oracle Roles

Oracle Roles can be defined as a set or group of privileges that can be assigned or granted to any user or to any other Oracle Role. Oracle Roles Creation Syntax In order to create a role in oracle plsql we must have CREATE ROLE system privilege. Oracle Roles Creation Syntax is: CREATE ROLE role_name … Continue Reading

Synonyms in Oracle SQL PLSQL

Oracle SQL / PLSQL uses synonym as an alias for any database object such as tables, views, sequences, stored procedures, and other database object. In other words we can say that in Oracle SQL / PLSQL a synonym is an alternative name for database objects. Oracle SQL / PLSQL syntax to create or replace a … Continue Reading