SQL Subquery

SQL Subquery or SQL Inner Query or SQL Nested Query all mean the same thing and what it means is that there is a query with in a query. SQL Subquery can be used with the following SQL statements: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. Also, SQL Subqueries can be executed: As a column in the … Continue Reading

SQL Data Types

SQL Data Types are the type of data which Oracle SQL is programmed to process. List of SQL Data Types is given below SQL Data Types Syntax of SQL Data Types Explanation of SQL Data Types integer integer  SQL Data Type for an integer value. smallint smallint  SQL Data Type for small integer value. numeric … Continue Reading

Concatenate Strings Using || Operator in Oracle SQL PLSQL

The || operator in Oracle SQL / PLSQL can be used to concatenate multiple strings to form a single string. Syntax for the using the || operator in Oracle SQL / PLSQL is: SELECT string_1 || string_2 || string_3 || . . . || string_N FROM table_name; string_1, strring_2 . . string_N are the strings … Continue Reading