HTML Aside Tag

HTML Aside Tag

HTML Aside Tag <aside> is used to classify some text which is sideways from the text within which it is placed.

We should make sure that the text within HTML Aside Tag and the text or content adjoining it should be associated or should be on the same topic.

HTML 5 Aside Tag <aside> is a closed tag and needs a closing HTML 5 Aside Tag </aside>

Note: Aside Tag is new in HTML 5.

HTML Aside Tag Syntax

Some text here …

HTML Aside Tag Example

HTML Aside Tag Code Output
<p>Me and my family
went to Central Zoo today </p>
<p> Zoo is where
different species of living animals
and birds are kept and exhibited to public.
Me and my family went to Central Zoo today


In the above HTML 5 aside tag example, we can see that the content within the aside HTML 5 Tag is rendered in a different manner than the content neighboring it.

Also note the use of HTML big tag <big>.

HTML 5 aside tag supports all HTML Global Attributes and HTML Event Attributes.

HTML Aside Tag Supporting Browsers

S. No. Browser Supported(Yes/No)
1 Internet Explorer Yes (From IE 9 Onwards)
2 Firefox Yes
3 Google Chrome Yes
4 Opera Yes
5 Safari Yes

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