HTML Nav Tag

HTML Nav TagHTML Nav Tag <nav> is used to define a section of links, used for navigation, in an HTML Resource or webpage.

It’s not important to keep all the links of a resource or webpage in the HTML Nav tag, only the major and important links should be kept in the Nav tag .

HTML Nav Tag <nav> is a closed tag and needs a closing Nav Tag </nav>.

Syntax of HMTL Nav Tag

Some links here..

Example of HTML Nav Tag

HTML Nav Tag Code Output
<a href="">PL/SQL</a>,
<a href="">OA Framework</a>,

In the example above we can see that we have created 2 links, one for Oracle PL/SQL and another for OA Framework by using  Nav HTML Tag.

Once we click on any of the link we will be able to navigate to the corresponding page and view all the content.

HTML Nav Tag supports all HTML Global Attributes and HTML Event Attributes

HTML Nav Tag Supporting Browsers

S. No. Browser Supported(Yes/No)
1 Internet Explorer Yes (from IE-9 onwards)
2 Firefox Yes
3 Google Chrome Yes
4 Opera Yes
5 Safari Yes

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