Flex Field Item in OA Framework

Oracle Application has two types or styles of flex item styles. In other words you can say that there are two types of flex fields in Oracle Application, they are:

1. Descriptive flex field.
2. Key flex field.

1. Descriptive flex fields: It provides a customizable “expansion space” which can be used to track additional information, important and unique to a customer’s business, which would not otherwise be captured by the form.
2. Key flex fields: They are the key building block for the business group and are made up of meaningful segments identifying business entities like Position, Job, and Grade etc.

By using flex item style, we create the complete structure of key flex field and descriptive flex field as it is declared in Oracle Applications.

Corresponding web beans: OADescriptiveFlexBean, OAKeyFlexBean

import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.OADescriptiveFlexBean;

import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.OAKeyFlexBean;

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