Form Paramter in OA Framework

In Oracle Apps Framework the formParameter item style provides the functionality to act as a placeholder for submission parameters. Suppose you want a user to fill his credit card details and then you want to call a payment gateway by passing his credit card information, then you will use the formParameter bean to hold the values of the credit card filled by the user in the OAF page.

Oracle Application Framework also provides the formValue bean for holding the values, but there are differences between formParameter and formValue beans of OAF, these are listed below.

1. formParameter won’t support a “value” attribute. Instead, the value is set only at form submission time.
2. A formParameter with a particular name can be added N number of times to a form without ill effects; only one instance will appear. This is noticeably different from the formValue, where reuse will cause the same value to appear multiple times in the form submission.

Corresponding web bean: OAFormParameterBean

ImportPath: import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.form.OAFormParameterBean;

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