Message Rich Text Editor in OAF

The messageRichTextEditor item style in Oracle Apps Framework page provides rich text editing capability within the OAF page.

Using this region the users can format the text same as MS Word or other word processing tools. It has the capacity to hold the text in bold, italics, underlined, colored or any other format. A user can even add bullets, numbers etc to his text. Also, the user can highlight the text or write the text in different colors, is also gives the user the functionality to copy the text from any word processing tools and paste the same.

The only condition that Oracle Application Framework puts for the messageRichTextEditor is that it can be placed within any region except search regions or tables. Also, the browser should support IFRAMES for the rich text editor to work.

Corresponding web bean: OAMessageRichTextEditorBean

Import Path: import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.message.OAMessageRichTextEditorBean;

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