Message Styled Text in OA Framework

In Oracle Apps Framework the messageStyledText item style is a combination of the styledText and inlineMessage controls. It is used to display a prompt and a value against that prompt. For example you want to display the percentage of tasks done, then you need the name of the tasks to come as labels and the percentage of the tasks completed will be fetched from the View Object.

Task1: 90%
Task2: 50%
Here in the above example Task1 and Task2 are the labels that you give to the messageStyledText and the figures 91 and 50 are the values fetched by the View Attributes of the View Object attached with the messageStyledText to display the value.

Corresponding web bean: OAMessageStyledTextBean

Import Path: import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.message.OAMessageStyledTextBean;

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