How to call an OAF page from another OAF page without parameters?

Well, this is a very frequent requirement that OA Framework often have to fulfill and it’s really not very difficult to achieve.

In this post we deal with the calling of an OAF page when we don’t have to pass any parameter(s) from the calling OAF page to called OAF page

Here I assume that
A. We already have created one OAF page xxTrialCallingPG which will be calling page
B. The location of the xxTrialCallingPG is /oracle/apps/demo/calling/xxTrialCallingPG
C. We already have created one more OA Framework page xxTrialCalledPG which will be called
D. The location of the xxTrialCalledPG is /oracle/apps/demo/called/xxTrialCalledPG
E. We have a controller attached to xxTrialCallingPG as xxTrialCallingCO

Now, depending upon our business logic we can write the following code in the processFormRequest() method of xxTrialCallingCO

pageContext.setForwardURL(“OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/demo/called/xxTrialCalledPG”,// page name with complete path or called as target page
null, // not necessary with KEEP_MENU_CONTEXT
OAWebBeanConstants.KEEP_MENU_CONTEXT, // no change to menu context
null, // No need to specify since we’re keeping menu context
null, // request parameters
true, // Retain AM
OAWebBeanConstants.ADD_BREAD_CRUMB_YES, // Show breadcrumbs

And that’s done. Whenever the business logic gets fired, xxTrialCalledPG will be called from xxTrialCallingCO of xxTrialCallingPG.

Thanks for Learning.

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