How to Install JDeveloper and Test it?

Here we will take a quick look on how to install JDeveloper and also how to test the installation.
First of all just download the correct version or patch of jdeveloper from metalink.
I assume that you have saved and extracted the jdeveloper in D:meta-patch folder.
1. Go to desktop
2. Right click on my computer
3. Click on Properties
Install JDeveloper

4. Select Environment Variables

Install JDveleoper

5. Click New
6. Add a New Environment variable as:
a. Variable Name: JDEV_USER_HOME
b. Variable Value: D:meta-patchjdevhomejdev

Install Jdeveloper
7. Get the dbc file for the oracle apps instance to which you want to connect the jdeveloper. If you are not sure from where to get the DBC file then just ask the DBA to mail you.

8. Once you have the DBC file, paste that file in D:meta-patchJdevhomejdevdbc_files_secure folder.
9. Navigate to D:meta-patchJdevbinjdevbin and double click on the jdev.exe file. This will run JDeveloper on your desktop.

Install JDeveloper

10. Once the Jdeveloper is run, on the left panel just right click on the database option and select New Connection.
11. In the Driver write โ€œthinโ€ without double quotes. For Host Name, JDBC Port and SID just open your DBC file in any text editor and there you will easily get these details. Just copy and paste those details in the corresponding places.
12. Click next and then click on the Test Connection Button, You will see a message as Success!
13. Right click on the workspace to create a new workspace and open Tutorial.jpr file.
14. Double click on the tutorial.jpr file and then enter the runtime connection details in the newly opened window.
15. Point to your DBC file (using Browse), enter a User Name and Password. Make sure that the user name that you are entering has access to the responsibility mentioned in the responsibility Key Field.

Install JDeveloper

Install Jdeveloper

16. Right click on Tutorial.jpr select Make Tutorial.jpr
17. Again right click on Tutorial.jpr select rebuild Tutorial.jpr
18. Run Hello world page.
Hope you find this post useful.

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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