Testing OA Framework Applications

It’s always better to test the work that we have done before we submit the same to our senior level in our organization.
The oracle apps framework supports developer to test the application that he/she has created, there are a number of modes in which a developer can test his/her work.

The various number of test modes that OAF offers are
1. Developer test mode
2. Back Button test mode
3. Passivation test mode
4. Connection test mode

Before we start testing our work we should make sure that the FND:Diagnostics profile value is set to “YES” for our development environment so that we have the access to the error stack directly in our page whenever any unexpected error occurs. If the value for the FND:Diagnostics profile is set to “NO” then a generic error message will be displayed on the OAF page with no access to the error stack. While running the OA Framework pages in JDeveloper, enabling the Developer Test Mode, ensures that the developer will see a detailed error message if an exception is met.

Now, let’s discuss Developer test mode in detail.

1. Developer Test Mode: The developer test mode will check the code compliance with numerous coding standards.

Enabling the Developer Test Mode: Enabling of the Developer Test Mode can be done in 3 ways

a.Set the cookie value in test.jsp file e.g. setting the OADeveloperTestMode to 1 will ensure that the Developer Test Mode is on and the developer will be able to see the detailed error messages for unexpected exceptions. Whereas the 0 value for the OADeveloperTestMode ensures that the OADeveloperTestMode is turned off.

b.Set the FND:Developer Mode (FND_DEVELOPER_MODE) profile option mode to “YES”.

c.For Jdeveloper just shuttle the OADeveloperTestMode option from the list of Avaliable Options to Selected Options in the run options page in Project Settings.

To check if the OADeveloperTestMode is turned on or not you can call OAPageContext.isDeveloperTestMode, this returns 1 if the mode is on else 0.

I will discuss other test modes in next posts.
Till then
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