Oracle System Tables

Oracle System Tables are the tables that can be used by a developer to fetch data about other tables or objects in the data base.

A comprehensive list of Oracle System Tables is shown below (sorted alphabetically)

Oracle System Tables

Oracle System Tables Explanation

ALL_ARGUMENTS Contains arguments in database objects (tables/views etc.)
ALL_CATALOG This Oracle System Tables holds data for all tables, views, synonyms, sequences which are accessible to user
ALL_COL_COMMENTS Contains comments on tables and views columns.
ALL_CONSTRAINTS This Oracle System Tables has the definition of constraints.
ALL_CONS_COLUMNS Hold the information on accessible columns in constraint definitions
ALL_DB_LINKS Has the information of the database links.
ALL_ERRORS Has data for existing errors on stored objects which a user can create.
ALL_INDEXES This Oracle System Tables has account of indexes on tables available to a user
ALL_IND_COLUMNS Has data of column(s) including index(es) on accessible tables
ALL_LOBS Has the description of LOBs contained in tables.
ALL_OBJECTS Oracle System Tables having data about all database objects available to user.
ALL_OBJECT_TABLES This Oracle System Tables describe all object tables available to user.
ALL_SEQUENCES Describes all the SEQUENCEs available to user.
ALL_SNAPSHOTS Has the info on all the snapshots.
ALL_SOURCE The Current source on objects which a user can create, if allowed to.
ALL_SYNONYMS Oracle System Tables having data about all synonyms available to user.
ALL_TABLES Oracle System Tables containing description of tables available to user.
ALL_TAB_COLUMNS Has data for Columns of user’s tables, views & clusters
ALL_TAB_COL_STATISTICS Has data for Columns of user’s tables, views & clusters
ALL_TAB_COMMENTS Has data for Comments on tables & views available to user
ALL_TRIGGERS Contains information of all the triggers available to logged in user.
ALL_TRIGGER_COLS Has data for column’s usage in user’s trigger(s) or in trigger(s) on table of user.
ALL_TYPES Has data on types accessible to user
ALL_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS Contains information about all updatable columns
ALL_USERS Oracle System Tables having information about all users of a database.
ALL_VIEWS Has data about all views accessible to logged in user.
DATABASE_COMPATIBLE_LEVEL Database compatibility parameter set by the use of init.ora
DBA_DB_LINKS Contains all the database links in database
DBA_ERRORS Oracle System Tables holding data on errors for all stored objects in a database
DBA_OBJECTS Has the information about all objects in a database.
DBA_ROLES Has the data for all the Roles that are present in a database
DBA_ROLE_PRIVS Has the data for all the roles granted to users and roles
DBA_SOURCE This tells the source of stored objects in a database
DBA_TABLESPACES Oracle System Tables showing the description of all tablespaces in data base.
DBA_TAB_PRIVS Has the data for all grants for objects in a database
DBA_TRIGGERS Holds information about triggers in a database.
DBA_TS_QUOTAS Describes the Tablespace quotas allotted for all users
DBA_USERS Has the Information of all users of a database.
DBA_VIEWS Has the description of all views in a database
DICTIONARY Has the description of data dictionary tables & views
DICT_COLUMNS Has the description of columns in data dictionary tables & views
GLOBAL_NAME This is the global database name
NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS This holds the NLS parameters of database
NLS_INSTANCE_PARAMETERS This holds the NLS parameters of current instance
NLS_SESSION_PARAMETERS Oracle System Tables holding info on NLS parameters of user session
PRODUCT_COMPONENT_VERSION This has the information about version & status of component products
ROLE_TAB_PRIVS Stores data about table privileges granted to roles
SESSION_PRIVS Holds the data of privileges which a user presently has set
SESSION_ROLES Holds the data of roles which a user has enabled currently.
SYSTEM_PRIVILEGE_MAP Oracle System Tables for privilege type codes. It maps privilege type numbers to type names.
TABLE_PRIVILEGES Has information on grants on objects for which a user is grantor, grantee, owner, or an enabled role or PUBLIC is grantee
TABLE_PRIVILEGE_MAP Is the Description table for privilege (auditing option) type codes; it maps privilege (auditing option) type numbers to type names

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