Oracle Roles

Oracle Roles can be defined as a set or group of privileges that can be assigned or granted to any user or to any other Oracle Role. Oracle Roles Creation Syntax In order to create a role in oracle plsql we must have CREATE ROLE system privilege. Oracle Roles Creation Syntax is: CREATE ROLE role_name … Continue Reading

Oracle System Tables

Oracle System Tables are the tables that can be used by a developer to fetch data about other tables or objects in the data base. A comprehensive list of Oracle System Tables is shown below (sorted alphabetically) Oracle System Tables Oracle System Tables Explanation ALL_ARGUMENTS Contains arguments in database objects (tables/views etc.) ALL_CATALOG This Oracle … Continue Reading

SQL Data Types

SQL Data Types are the type of data which Oracle SQL is programmed to process. List of SQL Data Types is given below SQL Data Types Syntax of SQL Data Types Explanation of SQL Data Types integer integer  SQL Data Type for an integer value. smallint smallint  SQL Data Type for small integer value. numeric … Continue Reading