Bulleted List In OA Framework

In oracle application framework page the OAF BulletedList appears with a bullet prefixed to any item present in this region.
For example – Suppose you have 3 items placed inside the BulletedList region type in an Oracle Application Framework page, then all the 3 items will have a bullet attached as prefix when the OA Framework page renders. But the only condition that OAF applies for making the bullet as prefix is that each of the items should have its Rendered property set as true.
Hence, if bullet region is having 4 items in an Oracle Application Framework page and out of these 4 items, 2 items have the rendered property as false then you will find only 2 items with bullet attached to it once the Oracle Apps Framework page renders on the browser.

Generally, Oracle Application Framework uses BulletedList to hold plain texts or links, but this doesn’t means that it cannot hold other regions or items. Oracle Apps Framework gives you the freedom to add any other regions or items inside the BulletedList region style.

Oracle Application Framework allows you to specify the whether you want to show all the items in columns or in the apps framework you can also set the number of rows that you expect to be displayed at runtime.
To achieve the above mentioned functionality Oracle Application Framework provides you the Height attribute property of the BulletedList.
Let’s consider one more example –
Suppose you have 10 items that have to be displayed in 2 columns when the Oracle Apps Framework page is rendered. To make this happen all you need to do is to just set the height property value as 2 in the JDeveloper Tool property palette. This makes the items 1-5 to come in one column and the items 6-10 to be displayed in the second column.
But there is a restriction to the number of columns that you can create with the above approach. As per Oracle Application Framework you cannot exceed the number of columns by 3, this means that you cannot have more than three columns for a BulletedList region in an OAF page.

Corresponding web bean: OABulletedListBean

How to create BulletedList Item in OAF page?
Creating a BulletedList on an Oracle Apps Framework page is simple. Just follow the steps given below.
1. Create a region on an OAF page using JDeveloper
2. Set the style property to BulletedList.
3. Set the properties of the newly created BulletedList region according to the requirement and the standards of Oracle Apps Framework.
4. Create items of any item style as children in this region.

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