Cell Format Region In OA Framework

In oracle application framework page the OAF CellFormat region is used inside RowLayout region.

CellFormat region is a container of regions or items.

It imparts the properties like columnSpan, rowSpan, vAlign, hAlign, etc.

Suppose you have 3 rows and 2 columns in a table. Now you want to merge 2 columns of first row.
For this you can use rowSpan property of cell and will get the first of resulting in only one column, i.e. now when you run OAF page, table will have total of 5 cells in it.

CellFormat allows you to control the vertical and horizontal alignment of item present in it. You can achieve the same using vAlign and hAlign.

Suppose there is cell consisting of messageTextInput in it, messageTextInput should be top justified and at the end of the cell in the Oracle application framework page.
For this, set the vAlign (Vertical alignment) property of cellFormat as top and hAlign (Horizontal Alignment) property of cellFormat as right.

Note – It will not take care the alignment of the text of the webbean present in it. Like, in a messageTextInput there is a text of VARCHAR data type, it will be only left aligned.

Corresponding web bean: OACellFormatBean

How to create cellFormat Region in OAF page?
Creating a cellFormat region on an Oracle Apps Framework page is simple. Just follow the steps given below.
1. Create a region on an OAF page using JDeveloper
2. Set the style property to cellFormat.
3. Set the properties of the newly created cellFormat region according to the requirement and the standards of Oracle Apps Framework.
4. Create items or regions of any style as children in this region.

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