Content Container Region In OAF

In oracle application framework page the OAF ContentContainer region is used to display additional information of the OAF page in Oracle BLAF ( Browser Look and Feel).

ContentContainer is having special features which will help it to differentiate from other content of the OAF page.
Example: It can have different background color which can be different from the standard background color of oracle apps framework page. This can be done by using Background Shade property of the ContentContainer.
It can have border to it to identify it as a separate region.

ContentContainer can have items and regions of any style in it.

To add this into oracle application framework page, create a shared region in the OAF page for ContentContainer.

Generally, BulletList region is placed in it, as we use ContentContainer to display additional information, and that will be displayed pointwise.
In the BulletList we can add further items or regions in it as per the requirement.

ContentContainer will be generally displayed at the end (right side) of the Oracle Apps Framework page.

Corresponding web bean: OAContentContainerBean

How to create contentContainer Region in OAF page?
Creating a contentContainer region on an Oracle Apps Framework page is simple. Just follow the steps given below.
1. Create a shared region for the contentContainer
2. Create a region on an OAF page using JDeveloper
3. Set the style property to contentContainer
4. Set the properties of the newly created contentContainer region according to the requirement and the standards of Oracle Apps Framework.
5. Create items or regions of any style as children in this region.

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