Flow Layout In OA Framework

In oracle application framework page the OAF DefaultStack region is used to hold buttons or images in a horizontal line.

Suppose you have a table or advancedTable in oracle application framework page and you want to define table actions to the table region, as soon as you create table action by default flowlayout gets created as a child of tableActions.

Region style can be changed to rowLayout or can have the same flowLayout attached to it.

In case you want table actions to be performed only by using buttons then it’s better to use flowLayout instead of rowLayout.

If table action involves other item style i.e. OAMessageChoiceBean or OAMessageTextBean then use rowLayout, because if you use flowLayout is used then Oracle BLAF (Browser Look and Feel) of UI will get hampered, i.e. alignment won’t be proper.

Whenever you create pageStatus region in pageLayout region flowLayout will also be get created automatically in it as a child.

In flowLayout region there can be any region or item attached to it as child of it.

Corresponding web bean: OAFlowLayoutBean

How to create flowLayout Region in OAF page?
Creating a flowLayout region on an Oracle Apps Framework page is simple. Just follow the steps given below.
1. Create a region on an OAF page using JDeveloper
2. Set the style property to flowLayout.
3. Set the properties of the newly created flowLayout region according to the requirement and the standards of Oracle Apps Framework.
4. Create items or regions of any style as children in this region.

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