Graph Table In OA Framework

In oracle application framework page, through OAF GraphTable region you can draw graphs.

GraphTable may not use all the columns present in the GraphTable to plot the graph.
If there are multiple graphs depending on one GraphTable then each graph may use different set of columns to plot in the OAF page.

GraphTable is based on the tableLayout region and inherits all their property.

We need to set a property of GraphTable named as Graph Render Style property as either graph or both.

When we set the value as graph that time we can view one or more graph elements.
And when we set the property as both then we can view both the table data and the corresponding graph below the table, and if you have multiple graphs then below the table there will be poplist item in the OAF page from which we need to choose the graph which we want to display.

Corresponding web bean: OAGraphTableBean

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