Hide Show Region In OAF

In oracle application framework page, to provide the functionality to hide and show the items and (or) regions we use HideShow region, i.e. all the items or region, which should be displayed or hidden, should be a child of a region which will have a hide/show control.

By using hode/show control we can hide or show a part of the section of information or the entire section.

Suppose you want to hide or show details of a particular object in an OA framework page, hide/show region can be used.
You can use hide/show region when you want to hide or show the graph, which is present in an OAF page.
You can use this even when a row of a table needs to hide and shown on some action on OAF page.

Hide/show region can only provide its functionality on a single page at multiple parts.
Nesting can also be done.

Corresponding web bean: OADefaultHideShowBean

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