Row Layout Region In OAF

In oracle application framework page the OAF RowLayout region is used which will hold CelFormat inside i.e. as a child to it.

RowLayout region can be defined as an independent region or it can be a child of a tableLayout/ advanceTable region to create a row of a table/advanceTable.

RowLayout provides horizontal alignment of items or regions as these items or regions will be under cellFormat and rowLayout holds cellFormat in a horizontal line.
Hence row contains cell and cell in-turn contains items to it.

We use rowLayout only when other layouts are not supporting the requirement in a standard way i.e. not following the Oracle BLAF UI guidelines.

Corresponding web bean: OARowLayoutBean

How to create rowLayout Region in OAF page?
Creating a rowLayout region on an Oracle Apps Framework page is simple. Just follow the steps given below.
1. Create a region on an OAF page using JDeveloper
2. Set the style property to rowLayout.
3. Set the properties of the newly created rowLayout region according to the requirement and the standards of Oracle Apps Framework.
4. Create cellFormat region as a child of rowLayout.
5. Create items or regions of any style as children in cellFormat region.

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