Sub Tab Layout In OAF

The subTabLayout region has a child called “subTabs” that takes a subTabBar bean.
subTabBar bean contains link elements as its indexed children. subTabBar is rendered once on top.

The number of indexed children of subTabBar, which are the link elements, should be equal to the number of indexed children of the parent subTabLayout.
The link elements are used to switch between the indexed children of the subTabLayout.

Corresponding web bean: OASubTabLayoutBean

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  • CG

    do you know if subTabBar can be rendered once on bottom in oracle V12 (as inV11) ?

    • techhoney

      Hi CG,
      Please elaborate more on your requirement.

      • CG

        in my example, i have the bar tab (in red) at top of the page. I would have also the bar tap at bottom of page (location in green)
        Second print screen is my development in jdev.